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Closing More Deals in Construction with 3D Modeling

As a contractor, one of your main challenges is to win new business and close more deals. However, in a highly competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and convince potential clients to choose your services over those of your competitors. This is where 3D mo …

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The Complex World of Permitting and Compliance in Construction

Construction Planning and Permitting

As a contractor, you know that getting a construction project off the ground requires more than just a good plan and a skilled team. In order to build safely and legally, you must also navigate a complex web of permitting and regulatory compliance requirements. This process can be com …

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Electrical Grounding: A Vital but Often Overlooked Home Safety Feature

Proper Grounding Design

One thing that many people don't think about when it comes to the electrical systems in their home is the importance of having proper grounding. Grounding is the process of connecting electrical systems and components to the earth, and it's a critical safety feature that helps to prot …

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Electrical Engineering and Ensuring Code-Compliant Home Renovations

Electrical engineering plays a crucial role in home renovations and permit approvals. Whether you're adding an addition to your home, updating your electrical system, or simply making cosmetic changes, it's important to ensure that all electrical work is done safely and up to code.

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Expediting the Building Permit Review Process: 3 Ways Our Team Can Help

Expediting the building permit review process can be crucial for ensuring that your construction project stays on schedule and on budget. At our company, we have a team of experts who are well-versed in the building codes and regulations of various jurisdictions, and who are dedicated …

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The Role of Structural Engineering in Design, Construction, and Repair

Structural engineering is a crucial field that focuses on the design and analysis of the structures that support and enclose us. Structural engineers are responsible for ensuring that buildings, bridges, towers, and other structures are able to withstand the forces of nature and remai …

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How to Get the Proper Building Permits for your Arizona Project

Obtaining a building permit is an important step in the construction process. It ensures that the proposed project meets all necessary building codes and regulations, and helps to protect the safety of the occupants and the general public. In Arizona, the specific requirements and reg …

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FARO 3D Scanning Technology by Rezio: Fast, Accurate, and Versatile

3D scanning is a powerful tool for capturing accurate, high-resolution measurements and data about objects and environments. One of the leading technologies for 3D scanning is FARO, which is offered by Rezio. Rezio's FARO technology offers a range of handheld, portable, and stationary …

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5 Steps to Navigate the Building Permit Process in Arizona

Obtaining a building permit is an important step in the construction process. It ensures that your project is in compliance with local building codes and regulations, and protects both you and the broader community. In Arizona, the building permit process can seem daunting at first, b …

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