Pre-Construction Services

Stop wasting valuable time and resources.

Rezio takes the hassle out of construction documents and the pains of permitting with accurate as-built drawings, detailed design documents, and expertise with your cities permit center to expedite kickoffs -- so you can complete projects on-time and on-budget. You should never lose months of time and money trying to get city permits! We take the time to learn about your project upfront so we can provide you the most accurate 3D scans and as-built drawings and then use our relationships to lead the charge for you at the city.


Precision Modeling for Faster Results

Learn about the different services and plans Rezio offers. We will earn your trust as a pre-construction partner that delivers accurate documents and permit approvals on-time and on-budget.

Permit Approvals

Get your permits approved by the city FAST, often in less than 2-3 months.

Site Plan

Structures, hard/soft scapes, street centerline & curb work, property line, setbacks (not a civil survey), water/electrical services

Floor Plan

Walls, fenestration, openings, stairs, plumbing fixtures, casework, soffits, HVAC registers, appliances, ceiling height, cabinets & counters

Roof Plan

Roof line, building line, ridges, parapets, water shed, valleys, hips, outline, and slope


Walls, roof lines, openings, fenestrations, floor joists, or foundation members at cut

Structural Plan

Foundation walls, girder beams, posts, columns, piers, joists, and slabs

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Reflected image of ceiling elements. Includes ceiling heights

Electrical Plans

Receptacles, switches, control panels, lighting devices, fixtures, power outlets

Plumbing Plans

Water heater, schematic hot/cold, mainlines, water meter city calculations (WMCC)

Mechanical Plans

HVAC Equip, ducting, registers, soffits, and observable equip

Material Take-Offs

Fooring, bathroom tile, countertops

Door/Window Schedule

door height/width/type, window height/width/type

Paper to AutoCAD

Drafting services converting hand sketches, redlines, photographs, PDFs to CAD files.

PDF Sheetset

Multipage PDF file that includes all deliverables for reference

Plan Your Project with Confidence.

How much do delays cost you? Rezio can help you:

✔ Stop paying interest you don't have to pay.
✔ Stop scheduling delays.
✔ Keep your team focused.
✔ Finish your project on-time and get paid faster.

Precision Every Detail

Increase accuracy, speed up production and build better with Rezio. We shorten construction time and give you a precise plan, so you can build what you envision on time and budget.

Check out a few example plans.
Casita Addition
Scottsdale, AZ
Structural Details-1
Structural Details
Phoenix, AZ
Electrical Plan
Scottsdale, AZ
Paradise Valley, AZ

Get Your Project Started Right with Rezio.